Thursday, July 27, 2017

Summer Lovin, and Some Branding

I've been incredibly lucky to have had the time to spend playing this summer. Feeling VERY fortunate and loved. We're having to scrimp a bit without the extra paycheck while I study. But it's soooooooo worth it!!!

We made some teeny tiny tarts. filled them with vanilla pudding, berry jam and berries and garnished with a fresh sprig of garden mint. So full of summer.

Walks in the woods are happening. Chipmunks live there!!!

The front lawn is the perfect place for cuddles and bedtime cartoon watching. Well..... until the mosquitoes come out. Then there's a mad sprint to the house before we're stung.

Still learning many many things. 

Developing a paint pallet for our younger clients!

We have brand tags now for all our sewn product. They are very small. A challenge to sew. But I'm pretty happy with the results.

The salon is filling up with bright new handmade product for sale! Still so much more to make and learn! This changing careers midlife is nerve wracking but I wouldn't change a thing!

Friday, July 14, 2017

Pre-Opening Salon Tour

Here is a wee bit of a Salon tour. We're not open yet.... Close.... But not quite yet.

How we managed.....

Monday, July 10, 2017

Refills, New Art and Beastie's First Rag Roll Set

Still studying my pants off and LOVING IT!!!
I have HEAPS more learning to do.

These are my new nails this week. I've used giant silver glitter mirrors, my own silver glitter mix, Moyou Stamping plates, Swarovski crystals and Nail Innovationz Gel Products!!!

Mom had a simple fill and re-balance with some swank new nail art. Very summery. Nail art design was totally swiped from Avry at Nail Innovationz.

Maggs is a bit of a nail biter. But she would really like to have some nail length so she can have more room for nail art. She asked for some Spirited Away nails. We put teeny tiny extensions on her and then added No Face to one of her ring fingers. She really does have the smallest little nails. Her middle finger nail is smaller than my pinkie finger nail. She's great to practice on. I'm pretty grateful to have had access to these little hands.

Rag rolls happened!!!!
I used to do my girls hair like this when they were wee!
Momma Beast set Beastie's hair and brought her up to say goodnight. It was so nice to see that she remembered having them herself. Momma Beast used to like them sooooooo much that she's ask me to leave them in for school. We tried to match her outfits to her rag rolls.
Ahhhhhhhh...... The memories.....
(wipes tear from cheek.....)

Beastie wasn't smitten with the frizz the next day and asked Momma Beast to tame it with MANY pony tails. 
This summer is melting away so very fast. 
Hope you're all having a chance to breath and enjoy the tiny things.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

Where I Change Things Up a Bit and Speak of Nails, a Toddler and Being Canadian...

So.... In other words.... Exactly the same things I always show you....
Just a little bit different.

I got to do the nails of a very beautiful bride this past month. She chose nail polish over her manicured natural nails. LOVE this colour! We were able to match her dress exactly!

Broke my glasses...

Glamorous prom nails with opaque nude extensions and gold leaf fluttered over the tips.

Beastie discovered the joy of a good heritage tomato. She got into these ones that were pegged for some home made tomato soup. She snaggletoothed through three! Kept spraying me with the word "JUICY!". 

Momma Beast came home with this surprise. I'm still speechless. I think I muttered. "You silly thing..." at her. But I'm pretty choked up that she's matched me.

We had a wonderful Canada day! Even if the weather did everything it could to dampen our mood. It poured BUCKETS!!! But it was warm and we were all in good spirits. Took this shot seconds before it started drowning us all. There were hundreds and hundreds of folks all turned out in red and white, sharing food and laughs. We had cupcakes and dances and played in the new park with an uncountable number of friends. When we got home all of our fingers and toes were wrinkled and pruney from the wet, but we were laughing. Really lovely day!

Beastie has a voracious apatite for anything bitter, sour or spicy right now. She's been smitten with the dandelion greens in the lawn. Who needs a weedwacker? 

She also likes the pretty white lawn clover. tried to pick me all of them....

Our train brought our Mercy home for a quick visit. I miss her so much all of the time. She's not very far, just a few hours by train. I think it's about time we take our turn and visit her. That'll be exciting.  Trip to the big city......

Momma beast had her hair made all magical purple unicorn. It's almost holographic. So pretty!
Our hair girl is a wizard. 
Well, better get to it!
This house work isn't going to do itself.
Come on then..... Give me a nudge.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

I Thought Retirement Would Be More Restful?

 I imagined that when I finally got to stay at home to "work" I'd have HEAPS of time to relax and just putter around.... I may have been a wee bit optimistic. I can say that being home has been lovely. I'm not in pain constantly. I can go up and down stairs without muttering obscenities, and I've been really considering going for walks! So the results have been fantastic for my health. I've been under the gun to get the Salon up and functioning, get my schooling going and I've also been plugging away at commissions. So puttering hasn't really been an option.   I've managed a few pics to share.... Ohhhhhh! And a video with ingredients on nail art. 

I mixed some Shiny Shades together to make this turquoise. I raided my art supply stash to decorate them... Definitely my favorite colour of all time! 

Here's how I did it!

Momma got some natural tip french nails with sparkly butterflies. She wanted gel french extensions with nail polish nail art so she could change them if she wanted on her own between appointments. Her extensions last about a month before she needs a fill and she LOVES to polish her own nails. So I think this process will work out best for her. Lovely natural looking extensions that she can customize on a daily basis if she feels like it.

Grandpa Jimmy had a lovely Pappa's Day! He was spoiled by Beastie and Momma Beast. Nammy got him this fantastic hammock to relax in, and his Pa and Ma came for a visit. It was an all around fantastic weekend.

Momma Beast and Beastie have been having great results with their garden so far this year. The beans are growing strong! They have beets and lettuces, herbs and tomatoes too!

Beastie's Fairy garden is also looking fantastic! Momma tucked it in under a bush in the corner of the backyard. Can't wait until the moss and ground covers start to spread out. Love this idea. Great fun!

I've moved my work space out on the front porch. I love that this is an option. I'm out there almost all day enjoying the squirrels and birds. There's great lighting for photographing project step outs too. Wish this were an option all year!

Well.... enough prattling on.....
I'd better get back at it!

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Grandpa Shirts into Beastie Overalls

We have a few Grandpa shirts that were purchased in the wrong size. They are brand new! But no one can use them.... So we decided to re-make them into Beastie clothes!

Chopped the arms off of this shirt and turned them into legs for a set of overalls.

Took the labels from the original shirt..... It's a penguin! Like the rat pack wore..... Shame it didn't fit Grandpa.... Would have been swank in it.... But the Beastie overalls are pretty swank themselves. 

Momma Beast made us a wonderful dinner this week! It was full of sooooo much delicious! She made salmon for me and sausage for Grandpa. He's allergic to the fishies. Beastie loved everything especially the spinach, watermelon and cherry salad.

We went to the market and visited the goaties. These two always have the best conversations.

Made this little playset from some thrifted blue and white eyelet, an old Irish linen table runner and a vintage hankie for the pocket. These only take a couple of hours to put together. I'll make heaps more of these for summer. Make do and mend!

Monday, June 5, 2017

Building the Perfect Polish Shelves

We spent about $40.00 on these nail polish shelves. They were so very easy to make and they look fantastic! Thought I'd share how we did it with you. They'd be great for holding all sorts of things. Picture frames, greeting cards, thread? Great display storage.

Here are the finished shelves. The trim came in 8ft lengths, so to keep things simple I made my shelves 4ft long.

This is the trim we purchased. We go two of each. I think I may need to go get more for the other wall..... We layered the two trims one on top of the other. First I drilled and screwed the flat trim to the wall. Then I used finishing nails t attach the curvy trim. Flat side up and flush with the top pf the plain trim.Easy peasy!

Holds the polish perfectly!

I've been having loads of fun looking for the perfect glitter mix. This one has possibilities....

I started experimenting with nail art plates and jelly stampers too....
I'm having so much fun!!!

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Making Gnocchi.....

When my girls were wee, I taught them how to make home made gnocchi. Maggie couldn't say it so we all still pronounce it "yucky". I haven't made it for years and forgot how much fun it is to make.....

We decided that it was time for Beastie to learn how to make her own Yucky. She made a few with me. Rolling a one inch hunk of potato dough up the back of a fork to make channels for the sauce to grab onto.

She was soon distracted by the making of potato dough hedgehogs that were dunked into the soapy dishwater...

Here she is laughing hysterically at her dunked hedgehogs..... Oh, the mind of a toddler. 

Our recipe is easy peasy!

One cup of mashed potato
Two cups of flour
One largish egg (or two small ones)
Cold water to make everything a dough

Mix it all together and add just enough cold water to make a dough.
Don't overwork the dough. If you do, let it rest before you try to roll it out.
Cut the dough into palm sized hunks and roll them into worm shapes.
Sprinkle flour over your counter and hands so the dough doesn't stick.
Cut all the worms into one inch hunks and roll them up the back of a fork.
Let them dry out a bit on a flour sprinkled bit of parchment.
Simmer them until they float
Slather in your favorite sauce.
We had pea, bacon and butter.

Little pillows of potato-ey joy.

Om nom nom.....
Betcha can't have just one!

First Day Of "Retirement".

I'm studying full time now. Getting ready to open the Salon and finishing my certification. There is more time now to enjoy the little things and breathe. 

Taught Beastie the importance of getting your lippy on in the morning.

Mercy sent us a parcel! She's working with The Mysterious Package Company now. It's such a great company! We'll be exploring the contents of this box for ages! It includes such oddities as a cookbook of gruel recipes from around the world, and a pin from Bedlam. It also has many puzzles and mysteries to solve. We highly recommend giving them a try. They come in many sizes and themes and make the perfect gift for that person who has everything.

Moving at this guys pace lately and loving it....

Spent 5 bucks on carnations and raided the garden for this lot. They're really really gorgeous! And the smell is wonderful! I think that's going to be one of my secrets for keeping the Salon attractive and helping me stay enthusiastic about going in there every day. Burn out is a real thing and I'm going to try my darnedest to keep things fresh and interesting.

My first day of real courses and this is the result! I love that you can almost see through the translucent natural gel on the tip of my nail. I learned HEAPS of new things and was reminded about some things I knew and forgot. Bad habits are not so hard to break...

Loving my experiences with the Nail Nerdz and Nail Innovationz! They are a fantastic company! Incredible product and phenomenal support! 
Can't wait to share more!!!
So glad you're here with me.